About Tornado Chasers Live:

We are a community of chasers who Live Stream on YouTube. We want to create a one stop location for weather enthusiasts to get the best of YouTube Live. Using Spotter Network and the YouTube API we are all able to show live chasers displayed in real time on a map. The YouTube streaming service is fast and reliable with hardly and down time. This site will help increase traffic to the chasers stream and help them generate revenue. It is the first site to give out payments for the chasers hard work.

I Am A Chaser and Want To Join This Community:

It is free and extreamly easy to host your YouTube stream on this site. No registration required! All you have to do is follow these steps and your icon will be displayed on the map. Set up your YouTube live stream as seen in this screenshot:

How Can I Get Paid?

Knowing the difficulty and cost of chasing we think you should be rewarded for your steaming efforts. Therefore we have decided to give away 50% of the ad revenue generated on the site to registered chasers. (Note: As soon as we get more then 5 registered users collecting referral points then we can hand out payments. So head over to the Chaser Portal and register now!)

Questions or Suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. Contact JoeySipos@yahoo.com

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