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Tornado Chasers Live Chaser Portal
Welcome to the Chaser Portal where you can set up your Tornado Chasers Live profile.
Welcome to Tornado Chasers Live!
Create a chaser profile, connect your social media accounts and earn donations all for free!
How Does it work?
We use Spotter Network to place you on our live map with links to your social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

How do you track my location?
We track your location through Spotter Network. If you are not part of Spotter Network you can register by following this link. Before you can set up sharing your location you have to pass the Trained Spotter online test. It's only a couple questions and easy to do.

What about my other info?
You can link your Website and Contact info as well.

Can I earn money?
We let you add a PayPal.Me donate button to your profile so you can earn a little extra cash!